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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me anything to use BusinessSalesDirect?
No. The site is completely free for consumers to use.

Who can put their Business For Sale on this website?
We list businesses for sale through Business Transfer Agents and direct sellers.

Can I sell or buy a Business directly on BusinessSalesDirect?

No. At BusinessSalesDirect it is the business tranfer agent and/or the owner that is integral to the transaction process and it is in your best interest to use their expertise and services. BusinessSalesDirect is the publisher of the adverts only and does not act in any other capacity.

Is BusinessSalesDirect a Business Transfer Agent?
No. We provide a website on which agents and members of the public advertise their Businesses for sale.

How often does BusinessSalesDirect get new listings?
Our site is updated daily - therefore we ensure information available remains current and accurate.

Why can I not see the full information of the business?
For reasons of security and confidentiality, full information about the business for sale, is available only via the agent and/or business owner. Please use the link 'Email Agent about the business', in the business advert.

How does BusinessSalesDirect select its business partners?
All our partners have been selected to provide our customers with the best services possible in order to create the best on-line experience possible. They all share our aims and values in attempting to achieve this.

I have a question that is not covered here, how do I get an answer?
Do send us any queries you have and we will be delighted to answer them for you. Send us your questions, comments or suggestions by email to admin@BusinessSalesDirect.co.uk

If your question is regarding a specific business advert, please use the link 'Email Agent about the business', in the business advert.

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